Billy Crawford is Lost & Very Confused?

Billy Crawford said that Nikki has nothing to do with their break-up.

Crawford is lost and very confused so he needs time to try to find what was making him happy before.

He asked himself, who he was, the singer-host told Boy Abunda on ‘The Buzz’ regarding his break-up.

Billy said that it is an indescribable feeling, like all negativity, confusions and sadness.

Nikki has not been anything apart from good to him because she is a dream come true when it comes to finding the right one but it is hard to find the right one, if he is not the right one for her.

He does not know who to blame because it has been a while that he is back at being himself.

When he finds out that he is the one who is completely lost and he is searching, he
asked Nikki to give him that chance to find himself because it is very difficult.

Meanwhile, some television viewers perceived Billy’s statements as someone who is having an identity crisis?