Billy Crawford Denies Third Party In Split with Nikki Gil

Singer-host Billy Crawford opened up about his recent breakup with Nikki Gil.

In an interview on ‘The Buzz’ on Sunday, Crawford denied rumors that there was a third party involved in their break-up.

He said that after 26 years of working in the entertainment industry, he forgets who he is and it is his first time to feel that way.

He asks everyone, not to blame Nikki because she has no fault.

Crawford explained that he is not a perfect guy and not a perfect person but he has done some things in his life that he regrets.

Nikki, his girlfriend of four and a half years, supported and understood him.

Crawford does not say if he has fallen out of love with Gil or if they outgrew each other but says that he does not want to be unfair to her.

Now, he is searching and wants to find himself since it is very difficult and it already hurts Nikki.

He said that Nikki tried to fight hard to save the relationship, even harder than he did but she really stuck it out.

Crawford apologized to those who have supported his relationship with Gil for the past four and a half years.

Their relationship was what used to be one of the most loved because they were the most ideal couples in the local entertainment industry.

Crawford does not want to leave the country without explaining his side. He wants to reunite with his parents in the United States on August 3.