Chiz Escudero Thinks Forbidden Love is Only Seen in TV or Movie

Senator Chiz Escudero thought that forbidden love is only seen in TV or in movie.

A rich girl who is falling in love with a not-so-rich boy is only the subject of, in a TV series.

This was Escudero’s reaction about Heart Evangelista’s parents’ objection on their relationship.

It’s the personal decision of the senator not to involve the actress in any of his political campaign.

He explained that when people look for Heart, he tells them that he did not bring her along because people would only pay attention to her, not to him.

Escudero announced that early that Heart would not join him in any campaign sortie or rally and she would not campaign for the politician.

She will not also appear in any ad and he has stood firm on that.

Escudero is now trying his best to address the political issues as well, until the controversy fades away.

He asks people to focus on his track record, what he has done, what he has not done, what he has said, what he did not say and his qualifications and achievements.

Meanwhile, Escudero first discussed his relationship with Evangelista during the morning talk show, ‘Kris TV,’ when he was Kris’ co-host last July 2012.