Mark Herras Wants to Settle Down With Ynna Asistio

Mark Herras wants to marry current girlfriend Ynna Asistio.

Herras sees himself walking down the aisle four years from now.

Now, she is only 21 and is still too young, the 26-year-old adds.

When the time comes, he hopes that he already has a stable career and financially capable of taking care of Asistio.

The two have been together for more than four years now and Mark is definite to spend every waking day with her.

Mark says they hardly fight, unlike other couples because Ynna is very understanding.

He honestly does not know how he’d be able to move on if he and Ynna will ever break up.

Meanwhile, Kylie Padilla is Mark’s latest onscreen partner.

The two play star-crossed lovers Ed and Anna in the latest afternoon drama series ‘Unforgetable’ on GMA7.

Mark has no trouble acting alongside Kylie, even though he is friends with Aljur Abrenica—the actress’ boyfriend.