Nora Aunor’s Health is Affecting Her Commitments

According to film director Brillante Mendoza, Nora Aunor’s health is affecting her work.

It was earlier reported that the 59-year-old actress was not able to attend the shooting of a TV series because of her health problems.

Mendoza told ABS-CBN News, it already affects Aunor’s professional commitments.

Mendoza directed ‘Thy Womb,’ the internationally acclaimed film that stars Aunor as a Badjao midwife.

Aunor’s career as an actress and singer now spans for 46 years and she is dubbed as the Philippine cinema’s ‘Superstar.’

Meanwhile, Mendoza hopes Aunor will be able to attend the 7th Asian Film Awards on March 18 in Hong Kong where she is nominated as Best Actress for her role in ‘Thy Womb.’

Eddie Garcia is also nominated as Best Actor for his portrayal of an elderly gay man in ‘Bwakaw.’