Derek Ramsay Will Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Derek Ramsay maintains that he is not a playboy.

Ramsay is the type of guy who is loyal to his girlfriend, contrary to the roles he plays in movies.

He also said that he is far from the characters he portrayed in ‘No Other Woman’ and ‘A Secret Affair.’

The said stories were good and he liked the characters he portrayed.

Meanwhile, Ramsay said that he really sticks to one girl whom he considers special.

He cites his past relationship with actress Angelica Panganiban.

Ramsay also shared he will probably not celebrate Valentine’s Day this year because he does not know who to go out with and what is lined up for him.

Asked if he will be going out with actress Cristine Reyes on Valentine’s Day, he won’t be hanging out with Reyes unless it is all of them like a group.

He and the actress are just friends, it would be weird if they would go out on a date on that day.