Chiz Escudero & Heart Evangelista’s Romance is Dogged With Criticism

Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista are getting serious with their relationship.

When Chiz Escudero joined politics, he knew what he was getting into.

His personal life will also be revealed, piece by piece.

It became fodder for gossip after his separation and annulment with his wife Christine Elizabeth Flores.

It is more so now that he is with Heart Evangelista, a well-known movie and television personality.

But Chiz says he is not using Heart Evangelista.

He and Evangelista have been together for six months already, a month after his annulment was finalized in June 2012.

Escudero seems to be more comfortable now talking about his love life, which he could have adapted when he was a guest-host of the television show, ‘KrisTV.

Although it is weird and strange that people think they have the right to ask their public official about their personal life, public personalities need to accept this established fact, he explained.

He knows that his romance with Evangelista has been dogged with criticisms and that he is using Heart for his campaign and political strategies.

He admitted talking to Evangelista about her joining the campaign for the May polls but she has her own schedule.

Besides Chiz has already a name before he met Evangelista.

And as much as possible, he wants to separate his personal life with his work.