Vina Morales is Going Out With Someone Again

Actress and singer Vina Morales confirms that she is dating again.

Morales also shares that she is proud of her three-year-old daughter.

During the press launching of her newest series, ‘May Isang Pangarap,’ she said that although she goes out with someone exclusively, she is not in a hurry to find new love.

It is not yet a serious relationship and it may or may not work out.

She wants to start thinking about herself, to move on from her past relationship and start seeing other men again.

Vina is not particular whether or not the guy is from show biz or someone outside of the industry.

What is important is the man should understand the demand of her job.

Most of the guys that she is going out with are mostly not from showbiz

She wants to know the person first before going out with with them.

Meanwhile, her daughter Ceana is now attending pre-school and is enjoying school.

She is fortunate that she is given a chance to have a baby.

She cannot compare the happiness that the child is giving her although she is not married and she is not living with someone.

Being a single mom is hard but she does not stop the father of her child from seeing her and bond with her.

She never asked for the support of her child but if he gives, then she is fine.

Meanwhile, one of her dreams is to settle down some time in the future.

She knows it will eventually come to her but said she’s not in a hurry for it.