Gerald Anderson’s Unprofessionalism Irritates Maricel Soriano?

Maricel Soriano has already left the series of ‘Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin.’

Soriano’s camp has appealed to public for understanding.

They said that Soriano is still in the process of recovering from the death of her mother.

There was an alleged soap trouble between Soriano and Gerald Anderson.

It took place during the first shooting day of a new soap where the home network choose between the two.

The actor’s unprofessionalism was the alleged cause of delay in the taping of the upcoming series ‘Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin.’

There was also a report that Anderson was having a hard time delivering his lines during the first taping scene with Soriano.

The actress was irritated and it made her scold the young actor.

Anderson was the first to inform his home network that he will back out in the said soap if Soriano will stay.

But the ABS-CBN management decide to drop one of the concerned parties and chose Anderson to remain in the cast.

They have agreed that Maricel Soriano will no longer be part of the series.