Heart Evangelista Has No Expectations on Her Relationship With Chiz Escudero

Heart Evagelista and Chiz Escudero’s relationship is very serious.

Evangelista says that she has no expectations in her relationship with boyfriend.

Although she admits that theirs is a serious relationship but at the moment, marriage is not yet in sight and when it comes, she will embrace it.

The actress used to have a deadline for herself but now she refuses to feel pressured by it.

That is what makes her relationship now better than her past ones because she is just enjoying the moment.

Heart also says that Chizis a good influence.

She thinks differently now because of him.

He is all about being simple and he teaches her how to handle different situations.

She can be tactless sometimes and he tells her to be careful not to hurt other people’s feelings.

He has never made her feel that he is a senator and not so different from the rest of us.

She has been dating the senator for eight months now.

The actress further describes Escudero as humble, not flashy and is not too keen on buying expensive stuff for himself.

Evangelista’s parents are known to be very vocal about their disapproval of their daughter’s past romances but she is thankful that on her current affair, they have learned to keep their opinions private.

Heart said that she remained good friends with her former boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga.

They still get to talk occasionally and she is happy for all his accomplishments.

Matsunaga is a Japanese-Brazilian model-actor whom Heart dated for almost two years until they broke up on March 2012.

Heart is the star of the latest GMA 7 drama series ‘Forever.’