Cesar Montano is Leaving Their Home Because of Krista Miller?

It is true that Sunshine Cruz asked her husband Cesar Montano to leave their house?

Cruz allegedly discovered that a number of her gifts are now in the hands of starlet Krista Miller.

Dolly Ann Carvajal, the best friend of actor Cesar Montano, denied reports that actress Cruz asked Montano to leave their house.

Carvajal said that Montano is now staying in a hotel in Manila because of his movie, Alfredo Lim Story which will be shown on February 27.

The entertainment columnist has already seen the couple in their unguarded moments and Carvajal is hoping that Montano and Cruz could be given time and privacy to resolve their problem

It would be best for people to just wait for their official statement rather than spread lies.

It was allegedly the couple’s daughters who found out about Miller, after they saw a text message from the starlet to their father.