Kim Chiu Talks About the ‘Romance’ of Maja Salvador & Gerald Anderson

Kim Chiu finally broke her silence on Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador romance.

Chiu already knew the report that her best friend Maja Salvador is now dating her former boyfriend Gerald Anderson.

During the press conference on book 2 of ‘Ina, Kapatid Anak’ the actress was emotional because Kim was caught by surprise by the turn of events.

On her part, she said that she is happy for Gerald and Maja and clarified that she and Maja are not fighting.

They are good and Kim does not care because Maja knows who is Gerald.

She also explained that Salvador asked her approval to date Gerald.

They already separated three years ago and she is getting tired of answering questions about the actor.

As of now, she and Maja could still work together professionally, like what they did in ‘Ina, Anak Kapatid.’

Meanwhile, Kim appealed to bashers to spare Maja and Anderson because she has concern for her friend.