Yasmien Kurdi is Now a Wife & a Mother

Yasmien Kurdi is now a wife and a mother to a month-old baby girl.

Although Kurdi’s situation is very complicated, she is happy with her family.

The actress is also reportedly in a disagreement with her mother Miriam after she married her longtime non-showbiz boyfriend almost a year ago.

The mother-daughter disagrement stemmed from the young couple’s religious differences.

Yasmien and her family are members of the Iglesia Ni Kristo while her husband, former flight attendant Rey Soldevilla Jr. is a Catholic.

She and her mother have not been on speaking terms for a while now, with her mother not even having the opportunity yet to meet her grandchild,
Ayesha Zara.

But the actress understands where her mother is coming from and she begs off from answering further queries about the current state of their relationship.

Her Lebanese father seemed to approve of her marriage and he signed a parental consent.

Meantime, Yasmien wants to focus in caring for her daughter and intends to finish her studies at the New Era College, where she’s currently a junior in Nursing.

Yasmien intends to return only to showbiz, when she already feels capable of balancing her career and family life.