Heart Evangelista is Not Intimated by Chiz Escudero’s Job

Heart Evangelista has no wedding plans yet.

The idea of becoming a politician’s wife has not crossed her mind yet as Heart is not in a hurry to get married.

She really has no expectations with anything and that is what makes her better now because she just really enjoying the moment.

She has no deadline and she now goes with the flow.

Heart described her relationship with boyfriend, Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero as very good.

Things are working smoothly between them.

The couple has been together for almost eight months now and making the relationship known to the public helped them enjoy a more secure and private relationship.

She said she is not intimidated by Escudero’s job as a senator and she thinks it is working for them.

She does not feel like he’s a senator.

Chiz has no bodyguard and no entourage. He is not flashy and he does not want to buy expensive things.

When asked about her parents’ reaction on her current relationship with the senator,

Meanwhile, Heart said that their parents will always wish the best for her.

They’re always wish the best for her and it started with her former boyfriend, Daniel.

Heart said she’s contented with her life

In general, Heart treats her relationship with Escudero as her ‘bonus.’
It is a very serious relationship and she really like the level that she is in now.