Richard Yap Denies His Wife is Guarding Him

Richard Yap defends his wife from critics.

Yap denied that his wife is closely guarding him on the set of the hit morning series ‘Be Careful with My Heart.’

Melody, the actor’s wife accompanies him on the set because she is the one takes care of his personal stuff.

It was also his way of bonding with his wife because they seldom see each other since he joined showbiz.

The Cebuano actor also clarified that his wife is not jealous of his successful on-screen team-up with actress Jodi Sta. Maria.

Yap says he is working hard to give his wife and two children a better life.

He knows his priorities and right now his focus is his family and work because he wants to provide them a good future.

Jodi and Richard’s wife are good friends and the actress describes her as a very fine woman and very understanding.

Their teleserye, ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ is extended until June of next year.