E.R. Ejercito is All Fired Up With ‘El Presidente’

E.R. Ejercito is all fired up for his 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entry, ‘El Presidente.’

This was after bagging numerous awards for ‘Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story.’

E.R. hopes ‘El Presidente’ will replicate the success of ‘Asiong.’

It is the product of his blood, sweat and tears.

His enthusiasm for the film rubs off on everyone he talks to.

The trailer is quite engaging and it is not the typical, boring history stuff.

He said that ‘Asiong Salonga’ was an iconic movie and it would be a true challenge if we made this kind of movie into the next level.

But ‘El Presidente’ is the story of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and it is the best and most logical choice.

It is a grand production of epic proportions and it is about time that we tell the true story of a true Filipino hero because in the last 50 years, it had been the subject of debate.

Aside form E.R. the other stars of the movie are Nora Aunor, Cesar Montano and Christopher De Leon.

He is not pressured about bagging the best actor award for ‘El Presidente’ but to be nominated as best actor is always a thrill.

E.R. said that Nora’s performance in ‘El Presidente,’ as the second wife of Aguinaldo was also incredible.

Working with La Aunor made him step up in his acting performance just to be on par with her acting.

She is an inspiration and he admires her so much because Nora is truly the Superstar.