Juan Manuel Marquez is Manny Pacquiao’s Hardest Opponent

Manny Pacquiao said Marquez is a good fighter and is one of the best in this era.

But Pacquiao admitted that Marquez is the hardest opponent he faces.

Pacquiao reveals he has a hard time analyzing Marquez’s fighting style.

He had already 3 close fights with Marquez.

In the 1st round of their 2004 encounter, he decked Marquez thrice but the Mexican fought on to secure a draw.

In 2008 and 2011 Pacquiao was hammering out close decisions against Marquez.

But Pacquiao plans a decisive win against Marquez in their 4th bout on December 8, when Manny faces Marquez for the fourth time, although Manny says Marquez is a dangerous fighter because of his counter-punching abilities.

But he is beatable and can be knocked down as Manny did to him in the first two fights.

Pacquiao also admitted that he felt bad over Marquez’s robbery claims but
he stressed that his Mexican rival was not able to knock him down in all of their 3 fights.

Marquez never sent him to the canvas in those 36 rounds that they were in the ring.