Hubert Webb Finds Love in Prison

Hubert Webb found love in prison, despite being there for 15 long years.

During those times, Webb met four women and all of them became part of his life.

His pals and family friends also came to visit him at the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinglupa City.

In an interview on the ABS-CBN’s morning talk show ‘Kris TV,’ Webb said that one of his girlfriends was a daughter of his mom’s good friend.

The other girlfriends just visit him and they got to know each other through the course of time, he explained.

Hubert met his fourth girlfriend while in prison and things began to get serious but Hubert initially kept their relationship a secret from the family because the girl was shy.

The woman was described as a chef who is six years younger than he is.

The girl was being serious, despite his situation but Hubert would rather not tie the knot just yet because he was still in prison.

The girl could not wait that long and they were only together for four and a half to five years.

Two years since getting his freedom back, Hubert is still hesitant about getting married, saying that he is only concerned about his future family.

As of now, he is thankful to his girlfriend for loving him.

He is also happy that the girl’s family has accepted him as well, although it takes time.

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that in 2010 Hubert and five others were acquitted on the much publicized Vizconde massacre case that took place in June 1991.