Willie Revillame Will Leave ‘Wil Time Bigtime’ Next Year?

Fans and supporters of Willie Revillame are asking if he will be leaving his show ‘Wil Time Bigtime’ next year?

Revillame announces last day of his show in the show’s Tuesday episode.

He told the audience that he will make a big announcement on January 5, which he later said is his ‘last day’ on the show.

He already told the management of TV5 about his plans and he even told his show’s staff to start looking for new jobs.

Willie made the announcement so his fans won’t be caught by surprise.

When asked for comment on Thursday, TV5 sources said that the network do not have a statement at this time.

Meantime, in the October monthly ratings data from Kantar Media, Willie’s show had only a rating of only 4.4%.

It was below the ratings of its primetime rivals and was ranked at No. 17 among the top primetime programs on weekdays.

The teleserye ‘Walang Hanggan’ of ABS-CBN was the top primetime program in October and had a rating of 22.7%.