Andi Eigenmann Confesses, She Still Cares for Jake Ejercito

Actress Andi Eigenmann confesses that she still loves Jake Ejercito.

Eigenmann just wants to be happy and she doesn’t want to lie anymore during a live interview on ‘The Buzz’ with Boy Abunda on Sunday.

Although she still has feelings for former President Joseph Estrada’s son with Laarni Enriquez, she clarified that she does not want to be in a relationship anymore with Ejercito.

She’d rather not also be with him, after what happened in his interview with media about their breakup and his parents.

However, they will always be special to each other and if Ejercito thinks that it has to be a choice between her and doing what other people think is best for him, then she will just let him be.

Meanwhile, the actress is now trying to focus on her career and raising her daughter Elie while Jake is currently pursuing his studies in London.