Ara Mina is Hopeful that She & Cristine Reyes Will Patch Up Their Differences

Ara Mina remains hopeful that she and her sister Cristine Reyes will eventually patch up their differences.

Ara is used to Cristine’s mood swings but for her, their family is more important than anything else.

Ara said some younger actors are blinded by their earned fame and fortune.

These things are only temporary and family is still the most important thing, she added.

She hopes other families will learn a thing or two from what is happening to her and her sister.

It can be recalled that last April, Ara filed libel and grave coercion cases against her sister.

It was after a dispute over the sharing of payment for a house they had bought for their mother.

It has been a long time since the actress last spoke to Cristine but Ara stressed that she won’t be the first one to reach out to her because her sister hurt her so many times.

Cristine also had a falling out with their brother, who recently could not stand her anymore.

He wanted to go public about the incident but their mother advised him not to do it.

The family thought that Cristine could be getting bad advice from people around her.

They hope these people would still be beside her when she is no longer popular in showbiz.

Meanwhile, Ara is currently playing a mother role in GMA7’s ‘Yesterday’s Bride.’

It also features Lovi Poe, Luis Alandy, Karel Marquez, Nina Ricci Alagao and Emilio Garcia.