Alexa Amos is Derek Ramsay’s Non-showbiz Girl?

Derek Ramsay denies Alexa Amos is the ‘Dumaguete Girl’ he was rumored with last year.

Ramsay describes Alexa as very athletic and that is the first thing he got attracted to her.

When asked about some details about Alexa, she loves sports and outdoor activities and is a close family friend to the Ramsays in Tagaytay.

She is also a lovely girl, very beautiful and not vain.

The ‘lucky girl’ was his date in last Sunday’s premiere screening of his latest movie ‘A Secret Affair’ at SM Megamall Cinema 9.

When asked about the status of his love life now, Ramsay said that he is happy.

The actor said that in the right time he will reveal the real score between him and Alexa.

For now, he can only say that it is a nice feeling that he’s with somebody that shares the same interest as him, and he is not doing it because he wants to put your his best foot.