Cesar Montano Portrays Mayor Alfredo Lim

Cesar Montano will star in 4th Alfredo Lim’s film biopic.

The upcoming film is slated to be released in January next year and it is the fourth movie to be made on the high-profile official.

Montano will also direct the movie with the working title ‘Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim.’

The film will touch on the mayor’s early childhood at the Hospicio de San Jose orphanage and his struggles to finish his studies.

It will be different from the earlier movies, which focused more on Lim’s exploits as a law enforcer.

The first actor to play the mayor in the biopic, ‘Alfredo Lim,’ in 1997 was the late Rudy Fernandez.

Ramon Revilla also played Lim in ‘Target: Police General (Maj. Gen. Alfredo S. Lim Story)’ in 1990.

Eddie Garcia also played the role for ‘Alfredo Lim: Batas Ng Maynila’ in 1995.

Mayor Lim personally picked Montano for the new project because Montano took interest about Lim’s childhood and the other producers before him chose to focus on his police exploits.

The actor is interested in the untouched portion of the mayor’s life after reading a book about him written by Nick Joaquin.

Lim is competing with former President Joseph Estrada in a tight mayoralty race next year.