Aiza Seguera Loses Interest In School

Is showbiz safe for young actors?

In the first Child Summit held some months ago, Aiza Seguera revealed that she lost interest in school when she became a breadwinner.

Aiza got bored when she was already working and thought that she did not need the algebra subject.

Her mom was a teacher and her dad was a government employee.

They were okay and not that poor. She can quit showbiz anytime, her parents said but she was afraid that if she stopped working, they have to return to their old lifestyle.

Aiza started in show biz in 1987 via the ‘Little Miss Philippines’ segment and in 1997, joined the noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga.’

She then, made a string of movies, took time off and came back as a singer in 2001 with the hit ballad ‘Pagdating ng Panahon.’