Andi Eigenmann is Not Inviting Albie Casiño to Her Baby’s Birthday Celebration

Andi Eigenmann is not really keen in inviting her former boyfriend Albie Casiño to her baby’s birthday bash on November 23.

But Andi can’t stop actor Casiño, if he decides to attend the upcoming first birthday celebration of her daughter.

He has the right to be part of that occasion because the actor is still Ellie’s dad.

However, she maintains that she will not go out of her way to invite the actor or his family.

Eigenmann’s relationship with Casiño ended prior to her having a baby last year.

Albie repeatedly denied fathering the baby girl, until he and his family decided that they may accept and welcome a DNA test check it the baby is lined with their own blood.

Eigenmann’s mom Jacklyn Jose got angry and rejected the proposal. Jose stressed that they would not allow any DNA testing.

Meanwhile, Andi gained prominence via the ABS-CBN’s hit series ‘Agua Bendita,’ where she played the dual role as Agua and Bendita.