Jillian Ward is Now Enjoying the Fruits of Her Work

Jillian Ward’s mother revealed that they had saved most of their daughter’s earnings in a bank.

Aside from Ward’s own savings, the child actress has now her own house and a ‘Hello Kitty’ van.

Ward’s parents are making sure that the child actress is properly covered from the unpredictable nature of show business.

However, they do not deprive her from enjoying the fruit of her work and Jillian also understands the way her mother handles her money, admitting that they keep her inspired to work harder.

Meanwhile, Jillian had appeared in several commercials before she was introduced in the TV remake of ‘Trudis Liit.’

The actress also played a minor role in ‘The Last Prince.’

Ward is now currently busy with school after her shootings in ‘Luna Blanca.’