Sharon Cuneta Says KC Concepcion’s Suitor is a Very Decent Man

Sharon Cuneta reveals that her daughter, KC Concepcion’s suitor is a real man and not a ‘woman.’

For those people who are wondering about KC’s new suitor, Cuneta assured everybody that KC’s new love interest is a descent man.

He is a French guy named Pierre Emmanuel Plassart, who can be described as a photographer and a filmmaker.

Sharon said, the man introduced himself to them in a very nice way. Plassart approached her first not KC.

Sharon also met Plassart’s mother because he was with her mother when they met in the US recently.

Sharon added that it shows how well he was raised because he loves his mother but he is not a mama’s boy.

Meanwhile, the reason of KC’s break-up with actor Piolo Pascual a year ago, still remains a mystery.