Sarah Geronimo is Willing to Give Gerald Anderson One More Try

Sarah Geronimo said she is willing to give a second chance to someone who asks for it.

Geronimo might be talking about her failed romance with actor Gerald Anderson and could give Anderson one more try.

She told her special guest actor John Lloyd Cruz in a one-on-one interview segment of ‘Sarah G Live’ on Sunday night.

But the Pop Princess refused to reply, when asked to give a specific situation in her life, that she would give one more try.

Sarah said that God has reasons when He gives us all the happenings in our life.

She also stressed that she does not want to forget someone but she forgets only the bad memories.

Cruz believed that people do not get to choose love, but love chooses them.

Some weeks ago, Anderson said that he already stopped wooing Geronimo while Sarah’s mother said that her daughter would find the right man for her.