John Lloyd Cruz is Willing to Defy Anything For Love

John Lloyd Cruz said that he is not afraid to fall in love.

Cruz made his brave declaration on the show, ‘The Buzz’ on Sunday.

He was initially at a loss with words, when asked if he would ever fall in love with a mistress and then, he boldly admitted that he is willing to defy anything for love.

Bea Alonzo, his leading lady in ‘The Mistress,’ hopes that she will never be in a position of a mistress.

Both actors are celebrating their 10th year anniversary, as onscreen partners and are starring in the Star Cinema movie ‘The Mistress,’ as part of their anniversary as love team.

It will be shown on theaters nationwide on September 12

Cruz and Alonzo were proud to be given the chance to work with veteran director, Olive Lamasan.

They are already comfortable working with each other and did not have hard time doing the movie.