Rufa Mae Quinto & Alleged Boyfriend Boy2 Quizon are Not on Speaking Terms?

Rufae Mae Quinto avoided answering hot issues and she did not show up at the press conference of ‘Enchanted Garden.’

However, Quinto was present at the pocket press conference of TV5 and she announced the show’s extension of 15 weeks.

The show’s feedback is great, the ratings are going up and more commercials are pouring in.

The executive producer Edlyn Tanada revealed, they are happy that their efforts paid off. When their sets and costumes were ruined by the floods, they spent more to rebuild it.

Rufa Mae portrays Quassia, the Diwani who became a rabbit to watch over Ella (Alex Gonzaga) in Enchanted Garden.

Meanwhile, Rufa said that she left ‘Wiltime Big Time’ because she chose to do ‘Enchanted Garden.’

She also said that her alleged break-up with Boy2 is brought about by their being busy and that business and romance don’t mix well.

They are better off as friends and as business associates. They are not on speaking terms because they have not seen each others for a long time now.