Bea Alonzo Plans to Tie the Knot with Zanjoe Marudo

Bea Alonzo wants to marry Zanjoe Marudo.

Alonzo reveals that she echoes her boyfriend, Zanjoe’s sentiments of wanting to get married in the near future and they see themselves, exchanging vows in five years.

Bea also hopes that their relationship will continue to grow in the coming years.

Marudo said, he wants to work hard because of the prospect of having a prosperous life for his future family with Bea and the actor intends to propose to Bea in due time.

Meanwhile, Bea is already committed to her relationship with the hunk actor, saying her serious relationship is built on the prospect of having it for the long time.

Bea also said that Zanjoe is making her feel beautiful every day and making her feel that she is already enough.

Bea is currently having a Star Cinema movie, ‘The Mistress’ with actor John Lloyd Cruz.