Lovi Poe Still Denies She & Jake Cuenca Share a Special Relationship

Lovi Poe reiterates, she has no special relationship with Jake Cuenca.

This was after the actor was spotted on the the premiere night of Poe’s latest movie ‘Guni-Guni.’

Poe explained that Cuenca showed up, only as a supportive friend.

They’re good friends and have no special relationship. She wants to enjoy life as being single.

Cuenca added that he is excited to see Poe because it has been a while since they last spent time together.

He was there to support the movie because Lovi is a really good friend and he is excited to see her and the movie as well.,

Earlier, Cuenca refused to confirm or deny if he is really courting the actress.

He said that when it comes to dating, it is already his personal life and there is no feeling better than to be free.

Cuenca’s former girlfriend Melissa Ricks was also reportedly at the premiere night to support her friend, Empress Schuck, who is also part of the movie.