Jessy Mendiola Describes JM de Guzman as Passionate & Honest

Jessy Mendiola described JM de Guzman as passionate and honest.

De Guzman is her special friend and the actor is being romantically linked to him.

The actress also admires JM de Guzman’s guts to say in public how he feels for her.

She feels very flattered and happy but for now, she does not want to rush things.

Whatever they have at present, she likes to keep it that way.

She thinks that this is not yet the right time for her to be committed or be involved in a relationship.

The stress and the problems brought about by her job, she could no longer think about her love life yet.

This was during a recent media gathering for her newest film, ‘The Reunion,’ at the ABS-CBN studios in Quezon City.