Sen. ‘Tito’ Sotto Delivers His Speech Against the RH Bill

Ciara Sotto defended her dad Senator ‘Tito’ Soto against Twitter bashers.

Senator Sotto delivered his speech against the Reproductive Health Bill and was emotional because he blamed the contraceptives for the medical condition of his son, Vincent Paul, who died five months after he was born in 1975.

Ciara said her mom, Helen Gamboa was traumatized by the incident of losing a child because of the side effect of contraceptives.

No one could ever disagree with her father’s opinion on the RH Bill issue because of the tragedy they had experienced.

Ciara also expressed her dismay at netizens who posted their insulting messages on Twitter, after her father delivered the said speech.

Meanwhile, Ciara made her tweets in support for her dad’s stand on the RH Bill and also replied to some Twitter users, who supported her father’s advocacy.