Ai Ai de las Alas Has Officially Tied the Knot with Jed Alvin Salang?

Jed Alvin Salang, the groom got a lot of congratulatory greetings from his relatives and friends while Ai Ai de las Alas did not receive any wedding congratulatory message.

This was after Lolit Solis confirmed in ‘Startalk’ that de las Alas has officially tied the knot with Salang.

Before Ai Ai and Jed were married, both stayed in the United States for nearly a month.

They got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is easier later on, to get a divorce there, if marriage would not work.

It was Ai Ai’s plan to get married in December yet, but it seems they could not wait anymore.

But they might still proceed with that Christian wedding in December.

Ai Ai is in her mid-40s and Jed is in his late 20s and people are hoping that the relationship would truly work, despite their age difference.