Grace Lee Has Learned Her Lesson on ‘Dating Relationship’ With Pnoy?

Grace Lee dispelled rumors on the reason why her relationship with Pnoy ended.

It was not true that she ended her dating relationship with PNoy because he wanted to sleep with her.

Grace said, PNoy is a gentleman, he would never push you to do things you do not want to do and he’s a very respectable person and respects the people around him.

Lee has been avoiding the press due to the stress it has been giving her, since she started dating the President.

She has been in this industry for almost five years now and has successfully separated her public life from her private life quite well.

Most people do not know about her family or her relationships because she does not talk about it.

She does not need to reveal the information of her personal life, just to do the job she needs to do.

However, when PNoy came to her life, it made a whole new different story and she learned so many lessons even if it was only for a few months.

There were so many lies that had been written about her, since she got involved with PNoy and these lies were never published in the entertainment sections of major newspapers but they were on the front page of every newspaper, every tabloid and on television news headlines as well.

One of the rumors was she was just using PNoy as a stepping stone for her career and it hurt her every single day.

There was another rumor that the reason she broke up with PNoy was because of her ex-boyfriend and PNoy bought her a white Ferrari.

All those rumors were also unfair to Pnoy, Grace explained.

Grace and Pnoy are now trying to maintain a good relationship.

He no longer calls her but she is sure, when PNoy sees her in a restaurant, he would say hi and chat a little.