Heart Evangelista is Seen Around Town with Chiz Escudero

Heart Evangelista admitted that she went out with Senator Chiz Escudero.

Heart answered some questions about her recent love life and the men she is dating.

But Heart seemingly does not like the term dating.

She thinks it is having dinners, seeing the world, and seeing what is out there.

Heart just wanna has fun. She goes out with her friends or wants to get to know other people or enjoy their company.

She says being single is something she enjoys to the hilt.

Meanwhile, Heart watched former boyfriend Daniel, who poured his heart out on the television, after their break-up.

She did not know if she would feel bad for herself, for him or feel bad for the two of them.

They were very public about their relationship and they owed it to the people, to explain what had happened.

She chose to let the heat surrounding the breakup to cool down, before coming out to talk about it and besides she had other things to focus on.

She has ‘Legacy,’ which they had just ended their last taping on Friday and she has responsibilities and her job.

For her, it was not smart to go out on TV and be emotional. She wanted everything to settle first before she speaks so that she has the proper things to say and she would not be angry or anything at anyone.

Heart reiterated that cultural differences have strained their relationship.

Maybe upbringing, cultural differences, beliefs, things they like and things they do not like, simple things like what she wanna wears.

Daniel was not really strict with her and she can not say anything bad about him. He is such a good person.