Xian Lim’s Mom Has Only Good Words for Kim Chiu

Actor Xian Lim revealed that he already introduced Kim Chiu to his mom.

Lim’s mother has only good words for the actress, she finds Kim adorable and she approves of Kim.

His mom also said that Chiu is really a nice girl, she is beautiful and looks amazing.

Lim said his mother knows how he feels about the ‘Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition’ Season 1 Big Winner.

Meanwhile, Lim admitted that he already met Chiu’s family and even had dinner with them.

He is also grateful to meet them, so that they will know, he is really sincere about his intentions.

Lim is always being there for Chiu. He always gives Chiu gifts and it is his way of making the actress feel, she is special.

It is more of showing his appreciation towards that really special person. He wants to show her that he cares.