Sarah Geronimo’s Parents Warn Her Not Only to Follow Her Heart?

Sarah Geronimo’s parents are allegedly warning her not only to follow her heart.

Before the public knew about the blossoming romance between Gerald Anderson and Pop Star Geronimo, her parents already warned her about following her heart.

Geronimo’s mom, Mommy Divine, pitied her daughter after her first heartbreak.

She did not want to see her daughter hurting again, so she promised to guide Geronimo with respect to her future relationships.

Mommy Divine said she and Geronimo’s father never fail to remind her to not just follow her heart but to also use her mind.

Meanwhile, on ‘Sarah G Live’s episode last week, it was revealed that Anderson had already stopped wooing the singer, after six months of courting.

It was reported that Sarah’s parents personally talked to Anderson and told him that if he wanted to court their daughter, it should only be done in their house.

Her mother also stressed that she only wants what is best for her daughter.

People speculated that this was the reason Anderson stopped his intention.

But Sarah said, her mom was not the reason why Anderson stopped courting her.

However, she added that she does not want to rush things and she is willing to patiently wait for the one whom God will give her.