Lorna Tolentino is Noticeably More Blooming These Days After Undergoing Stem Cell Treatment?

Lorna Tolentino is noticeably more blooming these days.

Tolentino underwent a stem cell treatment to improve her health.

Her back pain was eliminated after getting stem cell therapy at a hospital in Germany on July 3.

It took her only four days for the whole process, which included a day for an interview about her health history.

The second day, Lorna received 10 injections and she rested on the third day and was discharged on the fourth.

Her back pain was caused by scoliosis, a disorder that causes the abnormal curve of the spine or backbone.

Lorna’s aura is noticeably more blooming after the treatment but she stressed that it will still take three months before the changes completely take effect.

Her executive consultant shouldered the expenses and it costs them P1 million but it gives her such immediate relief with an assurance of no ‘side effects.’

Meanwhile, stem cell therapy is also known as regenerative medicine, which is the replacement of diseased, dysfunctional or injured cells with stem cells or their derivatives.

It is similar to the organ transplant process but stem cell uses cells instead of organs.

The veteran actress is in the cast of the supernatural drama series ‘Third Eye.’

She also sits as one of the judging panel of ‘Artista Academy,’ a big-budget reality talent search of TV5.