Kim Jones Has No Idea How Popular Jericho Rosales Is

In the beginning, Kim Jones has no idea how popular Jericho Rosales was when they started dating.

Jones knew who he was, sort of, in the industry, but she did know to what, sort of, extent.

She only realized he is a well-known actor when people began to ask their pictures to be taken with him.

Meanwhile, when Rosales was asked about girlfriend Kim, he says that he is the most beautiful girl in his eyes.

Jericho says Kim is sporty. She loves talking to people, loves to travel, loves watching movies, loves surfing and soccer. Everything that Jericho basically loves, including music.

She is also down to earth and they share the same faith. Kim loves Jericho and he never felt so loved.

Jericho has failed relationships before but he does not want to compare them because whatever happened in the past, he has no regrets.

He also enjoyed his past relationships with Kristine Hermosa and Heart Evangelista.