Vhong Navarro is Atracted to His Girlfriend’s Simple Personality

Vhong Navarro had remained single for sometime after his failed relationships.

Navarro had several high profile relationships with ex-wife Bianca Lapus and some relationships with former girlfriends Desiree Del Valle and Diana Zubiri.

But lately, he shared that he feels happy with the way things are going for him and his girlfriend of fours years.

Marriage is not part of their plans yet, despite their steady relationship because they want to prepare for their future and decide to give their relationship more time.

Vhong refuses to disclose the identity of his non-showbiz girlfriend, to maintain her quiet and simple life.

He reveals that he is attracted to his girlfriend’s simple personality.

Meanwhile, the actor is responsible for the closeness among the many hosts of the ABS-CBN noontime show, ‘It’s Showtime.’

His co-hosts said that Navarro is always the one who organizes their get-together activities.