Bea Alonzo Still Makes it a Priority to Live Her Life Outside of Showbiz

Despite her very busy schedule, Bea Alonzo still makes it a priority to live her life outside of showbiz.

The actress shared that her zest for new experiences started while she was in the US for the Star Magic Tour last summer.

She learned to jog in Central Park. She realized that she is young and can do so many things but she’s not doing anything other than acting.

Right now, she’s also spending much of her free time with actor Zanjoe Marudo and it enables her to explore new activities.

Bea related she is at this stage where she wants to be good at something else and to discover something about herself.

Meanwhile, Zanjoe Marudo shares that the hardest part of dating actress Bea Alonzo is coping with her work schedule.

When Bea comes home, he will be in another place for another project, Zanjoe says.

She made him a promise to always have time to talk with her and said she still wants to be part of Zanjoe’s daily routine.

But Zanjoe hates the feeling of missing someone because he gets temperamental and misses looking Bea’s beautiful face.