Gerald Anderson Has stopped Courting Sarah Geronimo

On her musical variety show ‘Sarah G Live,’ Sarah Geronimo, together with her mom and dad, reveals the latest controversy between her and Gerard Anderson.

Sarah admitted that Gerald has stopped courting her.

It was reported that Gerald already chose not to pursue his intention of courting Sarah because he is not yet ready for a relationship.

But some people said that the reason why Gerald Anderson chose to visit his father in Egypt with his younger brother Kenneth is because he wants to rest.

Earlier, Gerald is very vocal about his feelings for Sarah but because of Sarah’s mother, who allegedly said that Sarah is not yet ready for a commitment, Gerald stops wooing the singer-actress.

Both Sarah and Gerald came from failed relationships.

Gerald is the former boyfriend of Kim Chiu and their romance has ended in a very controversial way while Sarah has the most controversial relationships in showbiz.

She was the former girlfriend of Rayver Cruz.

They hid their feelings for each other and when they broke up, Sarah had a traumatic experience and revealed her true feelings in public.