Why is Coco Martin So Loved By Many Women?

There are so many reason why women love Coco Martin.

Some people say Martin is the perfect actor.

Martin’s co-star in Star Cinema’s upcoming film, ‘Born to Love You’ called him ‘Aktor ng Dekada.’

Here are some reasons why Coco makes women’s hearts melt.

Coco understands the need to motivate women.

When Coco was teamed up with Angeline Quinto on her first acting role in ‘Born to Love You,’ he guided and supported her, even if doing so was exhausting.

He is very patient and remains very humble. Women have that tendency to get on the guys’ nerves but this does not apply to Coco.

Coco embraces his humble beginnings and he is everyone’s favorite.

In spite of his success and the intrigues, he remains thankful and grounded.

He is a true gentleman. His thought on being the first man to kiss Angeline on screen, he said it was part of their role and he did take advantage.