Vilma Santos Gives Full Support to Luis Manzano

Vilma Santos reveals that she will give full support to Luis Manzano, if he runs for public office in Lipa.

Santos never imposes anything on Manzano because he will still be the one to decide for himself.

She never encourages her son. At the end of the day, it will be his decision and they are just there to support him.

But, Manzano’s father, actor Edu Manzano, does not approve of his son’s plan to enter into politics.

In 1998, his father ran for Vice Mayor of Makati City and garnered a majority of votes in the election.

After a three-year term, he ran for Mayor of Makati City in 2001 and lost to Jejomar Binay.

On the other hand, the young Manzano values his dad’s opinion because he had already seen both the good and bad sides of politics.

Nevertheless, he is still not closing his doors to politics because he has seen the good works done by his mom.