Vilma Santos Says Luis Manzano is Now Ready for Marriage

When Luis Manzano was still younger, Vilma Santos advised him to enjoy life but know his limitations.

If he’s not ready for anything, he should not take the risk.

But now that he’s of age, Vilma thinks that he no longer needs the advice of his mom.

Vilma also knows that he’s now ready to get married. Her only reservation on the matter is, if Luis ends up getting into a situation he does not like.

Luis and Jennylyn Mercado are currently into a relationship. And according to Vilma, the actress is making her son very happy.

Meanwhile, doctors advise Luis to have a complete rest, after he contacted a bad viral infection.

He undergone a combination of a series of X-ray views, to create cross-sectional images of the bones and soft tissues inside ones body. His CT scan turned out to be normal

Luis still acts as the funny guy and finds time to promote his mother’s 50th anniversary film ‘The Healing,’ despite his illness.