Thai Fortune Teller Predicts Kris Aquino Will Get Married Soon

In a recent trip to Thailand, Kris Aquino paid a visit to a Thai fortune teller, Sawong Kontong.

Aquino shared this on the Thursday episode of ‘KrisTV’.

Kontong predicted that she will find a new love on December 2012 and will get married on April 2013.

The fortune teller urged Aquino to take more trips abroad since she will meet the next man in her life, in one of her travels and make the prediction a reality.

She will come back to Thailand for the honeymoon.

Kontong also added that it is possible that Aquino will have another child through adoption.

She has one son from ex-husband James Yap and one from former partner Philip Salvador.

Aquino thinks that Kontong’s prediction are possibly more accurate because he does not know her personally.

Aquino had her marriage with basketball cager James Yap annulled early this year.