Cristina Decena & Ariel Villasanta Have Parted Ways

Cristina Decena and Ariel Villasanta will no longer have weddings around the world.

Decena and Villasanta have parted ways, less than two years after getting married.

Cristina said that she and Maverick had misunderstandings like any normal couple and often reach a compromise.

But two months ago, they encountered a problem that compelled her to move out from their home and return to his family in Marikina.

Maverick was the one who ended their relationship through a text message, saying he has to heal himself.

In spite of the separation, Cristina stressed that she feels no animosity towards Maverick.

She said, he is a good husband and gives her everything.

As of this time, it is not yet uncertain if they could still sort things out.

Decena and Villasanta first got married on Nov. 6, 2010 in Hong Kong.

They also exchanged vows in Macau, Thailand, and Japan. They also plan to hold a Philippine wedding on December 12 this year in Manila.