The Growing Romance Between Sarah Geronimo & Gerald Anderson Has Fizzled Out?

The burgeoning romance between the two of the hottest celebrities has fizzled out.

Ogie Diaz posted on Twitter that a certain ‘G’ has given up his pursuit of a certain ‘S’ all because of the latter’s mother.

Diaz never mentioned any names but some of his followers assumed that he was talking about Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo.

In a recent TV appearance of the two, Anderson was allegedly urging Geronimo to give love a try before time runs out and time lost may never be found again.

It is also reported that a planned of a third movie, pairing Geronimo and Anderson will no longer be pushed because of Sarah’s mother.

Meanwhile, Anderson already admitted that he has been courting Geronimo for six months now but lately, he revealed that he doesn’t get to visit Geronimo at home as often as he used to.

A year ago, it was also revealed that Geronimo had a short lived romance with actor-dancer Rayver Cruz but it was aborted when the former’s mother confronted the actor to stop courting her daughter.

During her last concert, Geronimo was a picture of defiance, making obvious her wish for freedom.